Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Application Update

Bethlehem Lutheran School will be again participating in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program for the upcoming 2020-21 school year.  The WPCP provides children throughout the state with a full tuition voucher to attend the private or religious school of their choice.  You will attend BLS for free if given a voucher.

This program allows families in the Sheboygan area to access the educational program at Bethlehem Lutheran, especially those families who in the past might not have been able to afford to attend.

Bethlehem will be accepting applications in grades 4K to 8th for parents who wish to enroll their children at the school through the WPCP.  Student applications for the WPCP canbe submitted online from February 3rd to April 16th 2020 at http://dpi.wi.gov/sms/choice-programs/student-applications  There is also a link in the admission section on our website.  

The program currently is limited to those families with incomes below 220% of the federal poverty level.  So what does that number look like?  Your adjusted gross income (AGI) would need to be at or below the levels listed below for the size of your family.

Family Size Single Family Married Family
1 $27,478  
2 $37,202  
3 $46,926 $53,926
4 $56,650 $63,650
5 $66,374 $73,374
6 $76,098 $83,098

For each additional member add $9,724

Please call the school office at 920-452-5071 for more information or need help with the application process.