Thrivent Financial Workshop Series

Starting in January for 7 weeks during Sunday Bible class, workshops will be held at Bethlehem from 9:15am to 10:15am and hosted by The Sheboygan County Team (Cesar Lemus, CFP, ChFC, FIC and Kirsten Lemus, FIC).  Here is a partial list of workshops being offered in the coming weeks.  Continue to watch upcoming blogs for more information and workshops.  No products will be sold at any workshops.  This is for helping people only.

Do One Thing Different - January 12th

Want to be more wise with money?  Making even one change can have a big influence on your financial life.  Do One Thing Different, an interactive discussion can help:

  • Use facts to help you make more informed and intentional choices about how you steward your resource
  • Exchange ideas with others.  What works for you?  What works for them?
  • Choose your one thing that will positively affect the way you share, save and spend.  

26208M R4-19

Finding Ways to Save - January 19th

Saving for your goals takes a sound strategy.  Are you ready to get started?  Join us for this free, educational workshop where we'll explore:

  • Strategies on ways to increase income and reduce expenses
  • How to recognize spending leaks
  • Harnessing the power of compound interest.

No products will be sold.

27804-2M R4-19

Values-Based Budgeting - January 26th

A solid budget can be key to a successful financial future.  So can communicating your values.  Join us for this free workshop where you'll:

  • Learn how to manage your money within a balanced spending plan.
  • Design a budget to reflect your values and goals.
  • Gain tips on discussing your plans with others.

No products will be sold.

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