Pastor Kubow Retiring

Associate Pastor Call Update

Pastor Kubow will be retiring in July/August from Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  With that, we are now in the process of looking for a new pastor.  At the June 2019 Voter's Assembly meeting it was passed to start the search for a new graduate from one of the LMCS Seminaries.  After the proper paperwork was filled out and sent to the South Wisconsin District office in Milwaukee, the district sent our request to both seminaries in November.  We are currently waiting to receive a list of graduates that we are able to interview at each seminary that they feel may be a good fit for Bethlehem.  Once a list is given we will then be sending representatives from the congregation to interview each candidate.  We should know by April if we will be getting a graduate.  Graduation of pastors takes place in May.  If it is God's plan to receive a graduate placement, that pastor would most likely come to Bethlehem by July of this year.  For more information please contact Pastor Niles or George Haecker who is the head of the Call committee.